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You don't need to own a horse; you can fall in love with ours!

Riding Lessons ~ The Best Place to Start!

     The American Association of Riding Schools (AARS) maintains a registry of riding instructors who enjoy serving new horse enthusiasts. If you are an adult who has always liked horses, you can soon be spending quality time with horses on a regular basis.
     If your child or grandchild is horse crazy, but you fear it's a hobby that can't fit your family, think again. Instructors who use the AARS Junior Rider Booklet in their lessons offer a complete riding and horse care program that does not require horse ownership.
     Most instructors in our registry offer both English and western riding, bareback riding, and stable management. You or your child will learn safety when handling horses, grooming, saddling and bridling; and working with the horse from the ground during exercise and training sessions. You will also learn about the many fun activities available to horse enthusiasts across the nation.
     Registered instructors also have access to additional AARS teaching materials; are able to include your family in AARS-initiated extra-curricular activities; and you can receive a 10% discount at the AARS online store.
     If you are taking lessons with an instructor who is not currently registered with the AARS, please ask them to contact us through this web site. If you are riding with an instructor who is registered with us, ask them to track your lessons with the AARS Senior or Junior Rider Booklets, and Ribbon and Certificate Award Program.

A Great Place to Stay!

    Some riders eventually purchase a horse to keep at their home or at a large facility with room for boarders, and possibly an in-house horse trainer. But, many instructors also offer special programs for those riders who want most-all the advantages of horse ownership - without the commitments of time, money and physical labor. They adopt the AARS tagline: You don't need to own a horse; you can fall in love with ours!



RuntRider Pony Program

    Many instructors registered with the AARS  offer the AARS RuntRider Pony Program. It is perfect for children who are too young to appreciate the routine of lessons. This warm-fuzzy half or full hour is designed for children who are young enough to not ask to hold the reins by themselves. RuntRiders can visit just once, once a year, every week, whatever. There is no commitment to a regular lesson schedule. Parents or grandparents simply call ahead to book a session.
    The AARS RuntRider Pony program is an excellent avenue for 'growing' your toddler into lessons. It's a great Grandma's day out; and a perfect treat for out-of-town guests.


One-Time Gifts and Camps; and the Pepperoni Ponies Fan Club

     Instructors registered with the AARS are encouraged to offer the AARS Day with Horses introduction to horses and horseback riding. The two-hour-long private experience is an excellent gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and other personal celebrations. The three-hour-long group program is ideal for scouts, community groups, family outings, and parties.
     In this group program, riders share their horse(s) and instructor as they become comfortable handling the horse on the ground, grooming, saddling, and riding. For adults and kids - age appropriate information and/or activity books are provided for added learning and enjoyment.
     Those instructors with access to an adequate number of horses and arena space may offer a variety of Camp Programs, including the Pepperoni Ponies Fan Club Camp.

    The Pepperoni Ponies Fan Club is an innovative opportunity for parents who are looking for a less intensive on-going program for their horse-crazy child. Most chapters meet twice monthly as a group to discuss and enjoy a wide-range of age-appropriate horse-related topics, activities, movies, and arts and crafts; with each member enjoying a once-monthly hour-long private lesson. The hands-on horse skills are acquired at a much slower pace than in the weekly private lesson program; but it's a great way to keep a kid happy for a long time. And, PPFC riders can switch up to private lessons at a later date if they want. AARS Junior Rider Ribbons and Certificates are available for PPFC Camps and Chapters. 


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