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    The nation is full of many excellent riding instructors serving all breeds of horses, styles of riding, and levels of performance. The American Association of Riding Schools is looking for those instructors who truly enjoy working the novice market.

     We are ideally seeking those instructors willing to offer non-breed-biased lessons that include at least basic English and basic western instruction. However, any instructor serving the novice market can register and use our materials. Our goal is to coordinate at least 2,000 instructors across the nation. It's a small goal for now -  an average of only 40 per state. We want to be VERY visible to people and families who think they might have an interest in riding.

    The Business Model for the American Association of Riding Schools won the All Industry Marketing (AIM) Award from the Western and English Trade Association for the "Best New Product" in the horse industry. WETA representatives said the AARS looks like "a department store window to the horse industry," and is "the closest thing we've seen to a Welcome Wagon approach to bringing new riders into the horse industry."

    By the time you finish reading the information in these links, you will know whether the AARS would be a good partner for you. We've done everything we can to make this an easy decision; and you will never find a more affordable support system. Even your $100 registration fee includes a starter pack of more than a $100 worth of supplies. Operating a small business does not have to be complicated or confusing. The program and the support provided by the AARS is a very good thing. Good for first time horse enthusiasts; good for the advanced U.S. horse industry and good for you.

    The AARS Instructor Form is included in the links below.

Click here to review the AARS Mission Statement, Motto, Tag Lines, and Pledge. You can learn a lot about us by reading these pieces of "corporate identity."

Click here to review the Value of an AARS Membership.

Click here to review the Small Business Owner's Emotional Check List

Click here to review the AARS and Recent U.S. Horse Industry Marketing Initiatives

Click here to review Your AARS Partnership. How do people outside our industry see Us? What makes the AARS different? What is the AARS philosophy? How can you use the ucanride website? What is the Pepperoni Ponies Fan Club?

Click here to pull up an AARS Instructor Registration Form.

Click here to meet AARS Owner Colleen Pace.

For instructors who own or will own their own business, click here to read the following three topics: 
     Managing Money Personally and for My Business
     How Do I Finance My Business?
What I Should Know about Land and Buildings 

Links you may find helpful:
How to Make a Business Plan

I am reading the first chapter of the AARS Learning Library, and have goose bumps. This is so me. Natalie, Michigan

I just opened up the banner...it is awesome! Thank you!! Catherine, Michigan

That first chapter of the Learning Library was interesting. It was like you were talking right to me. Bobbie Jo, Michigan

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