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You Won't Find Cuter Ponies Anywhere!

If you click the first link below, you will find photos of some of our finished Crochet Pepperoni Ponies with their new owners. If you click the second link, you will be taken to the official Crochet Pepperoni Ponies site. You can purchase the crochet pattern, and sometimes a finished pony, by visiting the "Online Store" link at your left.
 The third link takes you to our truly cute Pepperoni Ponies cartoon characters; and the fourth link will bring up dozens of think-and-do coloring and activity pages featuring the Pepperoni Ponies.

See Our Hand-Crocheted Pepperoni Ponies!
Visit www.pepperoniponies.com
Click Here To Meet the Pepperoni Ponies!
Free Pepperoni Ponies Coloring Pages

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