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The following 'script' will help the stable owner offer you appropriate ride information:

Hello, My name is .... I am interested in a riding opportunity for
(an adult, a child/age, a group/size/ages). My/her/his/their riding experience includes (never, pony rings, riding stable, lessons, owned, competed). I am interested in (ongoing riding lessons, a pony ride, a one-time gift, a "Day with Horses" group).

With this information, the stable owner will be able to give you information about her facility, horses, instructors, and programs. Stable owners cannot answer the telephone while they are handling horses; so, if you reach their voice mail, include your telephone number and let them know how late in the evening they can return your call.

Stables are listed numerically according to zip codes. If they have a web site, you will find a link. If you cannot find an AARS member stable near you, please click here. Thank you.

 08527  NJ  Bill Fox's HANDY ACRES FARM
     732-928-5146 - billfox1@optonline.net
 16057  PA  Mary Beth Puryear's PURYEAR STABLES
     724-794-6490 - puryear@zoominternet.net
 29651  SC  Kathryn Page
 32950  FL  Debbie Phillips' RESCUE RIDERS
     321-576-4601 - rescueriders@yahoo.com
 37772  TN  Tegwyn Pryse's TEEMAR STABLES
     865-705-6265 - tncowgirl55@aol.com
 47805  IN  Renetta & Ray Trissel's HOOSIER SPOTS RANCH
     812-466-4130 - rltrissel@hotmail.com
 48167  MI  Bobbie Jo Graham's TWIN ELM TRAINING
     248-697-6503 - twinelmtraining@hotmail.com
 48423  MI  Colleen Pace's RIVERBANK FARM (Retired)
     810-496-0360 - colleenpace@ucanride.com
 48433  MI  Laura Hughes & Sarah Carlyon XANADU FARMS
     810-730-7202 - xanadufarm@hotmail.com
 48463  MI  Belinda Esterline's CELEBRATION FARMS
     810-964-7400 - besterline@mott.edu
 56472  MN  Brenda Myers' MEADOW RIDGE FARM
     218-820-6885 - meadowridgefarm@tds.net
 60145  IL  Jen Lowe's HENDRIK STABLES
     815-970-1941 - jen@hendrikstables.com
     432-692-0255 - cowgirlup4321@hotmail.com

Disclaimer: Stables listed on this site have paid a fee for their listing, and for the opportunity to purchase AARS support materials. As part of their application for listing, they have attested that they have a strong interest in serving novice-level horse enthusiasts. The American Association of Riding Schools, and its members, do not specifically endorse or recommend any of the stables, stable owners, or instructors listed on, or linked to the ucanride website. The AARS is not responsible for any representation made by these entities or the contents of other web sites linked from here. The AARS has not inspected any of these facilities. The reader should not assume that the information offered by stable owners is factual or reviewed by the AARS. The AARS makes no warranties or guarantees as to any equine facility or operation's safety standards, animal husbandry practices, experience in providing whatever services it purports to provide, carriage of liability insurance, or suitability as a provider of horse riding or handling instruction. Most professional horse handlers consider horseback riding a rugged, adventurous, outdoor sport. The AARS notes that all equine activities, including riding, are inherently risky. Any equine activity carries with it potential hazards which are beyond the control of the AARS.

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