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Before You Ride or Buy

Before enrolling in lessons or buying a horse, we suggest you read our free e-booklet,

The Hobby You Can Hug! 

  We horse owners will attest that having a horse of your own is truly rewarding. But, when first-timers open their wallets before they open their eyes and ears, the result can be disappointing. When someone says, "Owning a horse wasn't what I thought it would be," chances are, they just got started with the wrong information. This easy-read booklet explains how the U.S. horse industry is 'organized.' It will help you know how to find the right starting point for you; and will explain where you can go from there. All before you spend a penny on lessons, and surely before you spend a few thousand dollars on a horse.

     Here is an earnest comment from the president of the American Association of Riding Schools:

    "No matter what any horse breeder, trainer or seller tells you - no matter how logical or heart-rending the story may sound - horses are just like cats and dogs. There will always be more good horses for sale than there are potential owners. Don't purchase a horse just because you think you need to save it from a bad situation; or because you think it's a deal you can't pass by.
   Take the time it takes to find the horse that is a perfect match for you. Because, the bad news is ... if the horse you purchase turns out to be the wrong one - or if life changes after you buy -  you cannot hang the horse on a hook in the garage ... and now the law of supply and demand will not be on your side."


     To open your free e-booklet,
HORSES ~ The Hobby You Can Hug! click the magazine cover below.
Once opened, you can print the booklet, save it to your computer, and share it with your friends. If you administer a horse association or business website, you have our permission to embed this truly worthy booklet on your site.

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